The long Journey

“It is already 15 to 10, why don’t you make it a bit faster?” shouted my mom from the kitchen.
“Ah mom, I’m done packing. I just have to place it in the trunk. Another 10 minutes probably” I replied in haste. I’m packing my stuffs to go back to my college. Though this is my final year in my college, I’m a freshman for the day scholar life.

Yes, for the past 3 years I was put up in a place where I don’t belong to. I still remember the day when I first entered my hostel room shared by 3 from different departments. The other 2 being studious, I was left the odd one out. I found my bed more comforting than the people around. I hardly spoke to anyone.

I had a feeling deep inside, that I was completely in a different world. I did not made any friends that stayed with me forever. But, yes, I should accept I had a handful of friends to spend my time with.

“Is it 10 minutes yet?” This time my mom had lost her temper completely.
“Yes mom, I am now good to go..!” Me with a wide smile.
That did not change my mom’s mood though.

So we swiftly hopped into the Tavera. I found myself a window seat, while my sister still had no clue where to sit. And finally she settled in the back seat with my cousin. We were then ready for the trip. Heading to the village. Yes, my college was located in a strange village where people’s nose were found in others business than their own. You remember me saying I was put up in a place which was completely different from me..? This was the reason behind my statement.

The travel was really tranquil. As everyone around me slept, I was looking at the lights outside the window. Sharp and intense, sweeping the darkness from our path. The lights always gives me a ray of hope. And yes, I mean it. When I was born, the light showed me the people around who are the pillars of my strength then and forever. When I gave up, the light had given the hope and reasons for me to move forward. And then, when I saw those lights, I felt like I was travelling towards the most awaited phase of my life.

The journey was long, may be because I was awake. I have ever been so sober during my travel. I sleep at least an hour after getting in to the car but then it was already 3 complete hours and I was still enjoying the light clearing my path. Indeed, they were addicting as it had haunted me for almost 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The clock struck 2 when I finally found myself comfortable with the arm pillow. Still, my thoughts were on the light as I felt that the lights were trying to convey a very important message to me. I did not wanted to think too much at that moment as I was exhausted already. With no second thought my eye lids covered my eye balls leaving me in the darkness of sleep.


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