Episode 2

“So how long are you planning to sleep in the car..? Aren’t you feeling comfortable in your bed..?” asked my mom by tapping on my shoulder.

“Are we here already..?”

“Yes, we are. Get down and move to our flat. Now”

I walked to the first floor yawning. My mom and dad were busy arranging the things while my sisters were sleep mode. We cleaned up and got in to the work as we had just gotten home. I mean the new home where I am supposed to spend the rest of my college life.
The house was pretty cool and calm. The owner resided in the ground floor while the two flats in the first floor were rented. We had a big, breezy terrace which was the reason behind choosing that flat. I was walking around the terrace reminiscing my landlord’s short description about my neighbors. Two bachelors, one from Bangalore and the other from Chennai, my own city. Neither did I know them nor was I interested to.

We arranged the things and prepared food then. Few of my friends joined us for lunch and had a great time chatting. It was already 15 past 6 in the evening and my parents were packing their stuff to return home leaving me back here with my guardian. But I didn’t want them to go this soon. With no much options, I bid goodbye and hit the bed.

The lights have started to do their duty. They have haunted me again. I was clueless about what was I thinking but I am sure there is definitely a great message waiting for me. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed as it was one of those tiring days.

At that moment, I never knew that I will be waking up to a surprise. I never know that was the last night I slept without anyone in mind. I never knew my hormones functioned so well. I never knew there would be someone who will make me go crazy about anything and everything.

I never knew I would be having the best morning ever..!!


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