Episode 11 (The word)

I was about to start preparing dinner for all of us. He came to my kitchen and whispered “Can you stop by after half hour?”

I went to the corridor immediately and overheard (not intentional though) him talking to Arun about me.

“Arun, She is the most enthusiastic devil on this planet. This girl made me forget I’m away from my home. This is my another family here and she is my bestie.!

Did he say that? I couldn’t stand there for a long time. I excused myself from there and ran to the kitchen while they both looked confused. Yes, this place has become my favorite spot as I express my entire feeling for him here. His words kept running in my mind without a pause. I was excited every single time as if I was hearing it for the first time. I barely remember cooking as I was completely drowned into his words.

Eventually, the dinner came out to be great with proper spice and side dish. I’ve even made a regional sweet for the day.

“Arun, Did not I say? Look at the deliciously made home food. Even my mom wouldn’t cook this tasty” He said

“You are lucky enough dude, to get someone who can prepare amazing dishes for you”

“Of Course yes! I’m so jealous on her to be husband” He laughed

Now, My heart pumped with full force to let the blood out of the veins. I was not ready for the rejection this soon. I know this wasn’t an upright rejection. Yet, he had no feelings for me. With so much pain, I smiled.

“Look! How she’s blushing! With no clue on the effect of¬†those words on me, he winked leaving me speechless.

The friends have already started reminiscing their good old day through out the dinner. I, with no connection, left the place to get ready for bed. The friends kept talking in the corridor while I turned off the light to sleep. All I did was, looking at the ceiling through the dark.

Suddenly, I felt so suffocating that I had to run to the terrace.

“Arun? Are you not asleep? What are you doing here now?” I exclaimed

“Thinking how lucky my friend is to get a caring girlfriend like you” he replied

“Arun, What are talking about” I shouted.

“Talking about the tears that you controlled during supper” He replied in his stern voice.

Now, all that I ended up asking was “Was that so evident?”

“He is a stupid to not have realized his love for you. Nevertheless, Deep in his heart, he has a strong feeling for you. You are filled in his thoughts and words. All these while, whatever the topic we spoke about ended with your name. You both gonna make the best couple soon my dear. I hope you would still allow me to enter your house with same respect” He winked

“Do you really mean it?” I questioned, controlling my tears

“Every single word of it” said he.

I had to believe this. It may be the truth or may be not. I started believing it with no second thoughts. Because, even in my thoughts, I cannot accept another person in his place. I am so much lost in him.!


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