Episode 10 (The New Comer)

I swiftly got ready to college that day. With my mind filled with his thoughts, I walked down the stairs. I was stopped by my house owner.
“Ma, can you give this letter to that thambi” (Thambi is a of addressing a guy in south India)..! She asked softly.
“Yes sure aunty.! I will give in the evening” I kept the letter inside my bag with utmost care and started walking to college.
To my surprise he was walking in front of me at a 10 feet distance. I screamed his name. He didn’t respond. But I witnessed a pair of eyes noticing me. With no second thought I ran towards him and stopped him with which I saw a white colour ear phones on his ears. He removed the ear phones and said.
“Hey, what happened is everything OK.?”
“Yes. I hope so! Hey here, you gotta a post and the house owner asked me to give it to you.”
“hey thanks.! But what’s this.?”
“Ohh sorry man.! unfortunately, my mom didn’t teach me the best practice of reading others letter” I winked with a wicked grin. He raised his left eyebrows and said
“Ohh yea, fortunately I gotta chance to teach you the best practices”
This time he smiled with his mouth wide open. He has an aligned rows of bright teeth that made him look so handsome when he smiled. The lips were slightly pinkish that made a curved boundary covering the white teeth. His smile mesmerized me for a minute. I, then realized his eyes were looking at me confused.
“Ok gotta go..! Will see you in the evening!” I walked past him without expecting a reply from him. Because, I know I cannot withstand his sharp eyes examining me anymore.
I was again late to the class like any other day. The staff wasn’t much concerned and allowed me in. The day was as usual. With no much to do I started to home in the afternoon making sure I have given attendance for the rest of the hours. As that was the only reason behind me going to college.
I came early to home and took rest to while away time. Within these 2 weeks I got used to spend my evenings with him. Though I noticed it I did not want to think about it too much because I liked spending my evenings with him.
It was around 6 in the evening when I heard someone knocking our door. I corrected my skirts and went to open the door. There stood a tall man with a travel bag.
“Hi, tell me what do you want?”
“I am here to meet my friend. By the way my name is Arun. When will he be coming?”
“he’ll come around 7pm. Till then you can be at my home. Please come in”
“That’s OK. I will wait outside.”
“Are you sure about it? I do not have any problem letting you in. After all you are here to meet him.”
He hesitated for a while and said “That’s OK I will wait outside”
“Then it’s up to you. But do you mind having a cup of coffee”
“No.! Rather a Tea” he smiled
“Sure, as if you can sense any difference in my preparation” I winked
“That’s a difficult task though” he laughed.
I pulled out a chair for him. Luckily we had a sit out where we usually sit and talk. He was so comfortable there and drank the Tea (I guess) I offered.
“Thanks for the… ” he stopped and asked is it a Tea or Coffee?
“As you wish” I replied with which we both broke in to laughter.
“Hey Arun..! How are you man.? When  did you come? Why didn’t you tell me?” he queued up the questions.
“Wait wait wait!” Before I forget your questions let me start answering it one by one” he said with a smile.

I left the place leaving those two souls talk. At that point in time I did not know it was 3 souls as I already lost mine to him..!!

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