Episode 9 (The Night Talk)

“Wa.. Whaaatt? Oh, Its you? What do you want?” I fumbled.

“Nothing, I was just passing by, and thought why not listen to Chennai Tamil for a while?” He replied with that beautiful smile he adore.

“Well, I feel I shouldn’t disappoint you” I winked with a refreshed look.

“Cool..! So how was your day? You seem to be tired.

“Pretty good except for the couple of assignments pending for the day”

He laughed and replied, “Will you even care about your assignments?”

“That makes sense” I smiled.

The talk went on and on. From work to friends, friends to secret crush, Crush to family and so on. We spoke for hours forgetting where we were.

He’s the second child out of the four in his home. A big family with lots of love and affection. He confessed that the size of his family is due to his father’s love towards a girl child. Somewhere in my mind I thanked god for saving his mother by fulfilling his father’s wish before it crossed a dozen. He spoke about his mother for a while. Then, it was his turn to talk about his father. He had no intention to end the talk which clearly represented his love towards his father. I felt like meeting that man for the first time.

                      The talk went on and on. He spoke about his interest towards sports and fitness. He is almost in to most of the team sports and fond of gyming. Then, I couldn’t resist myself thinking about the first meet. The broad back that tapered near his hip, neatly sliced biceps, Breast like a living beast and the blown arms with those veins trying to release themselves. The perfectly sculpted physique was all that filled in every cells of mine. I was admiring him.

                     Somewhere, very lightly I heard someone calling my name. The sound became intense when I realized it was him standing in front of me, waiting for me to respond. I felt embarrassed. Why did I do that? I was ashamed of myself. He did not know how to react and he said,
“It’s 20 past 12 and you must be sleeping now as you got to go to college the next day”
“Oh yeah.! I feel the same. Nice talking to you and let’s catch up later.” I replied with a relief.
I know I cannot sleep because his thoughts have already haunted me. He smiled at me from the left corner of my room. I shook my head to see him disappear. He called my name, I turned back to see him disappear again. He was there in every brick of my room. I was dreaming all through the night.

                     Suddenly I heard someone calling my name. It was him. That time I was sure that he would disappear and murmured it’s already 6 seconds and you should vanish Now.
“What? You think I can do that?” He asked aloud.
“Oh my God, the real you”
“Real me? You had a chance to meet my clone too.?”

                     I opened my eyes wide and looked at him for minutes without talking a word. Because I know it’s not just the words but the whole of me was lost in his eyes.!
“You must consult a good doctor” he complained as he walked towards his room.
“Yes, I should.! To get a medicine that keeps me in dream all time. Because that’s the only place where you don’t talk a word but understand all that my mind talks” I told myself.


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