(Episode 8) Nature Love

The classes were interesting today compared to the previous sessions. We had an elective paper called photography for which we need be on field to capture nature at it’s best. I’m not a good a photographer but a poser making all stupid faces. Now, the posing skill will not help me but the photography do. I went to the garden surrounded by trees and plants. I did not capture anything rather the mother nature captured me.

                   The tall trees formed a big umbrella together making me stand in the shade. Those aligned cracks on the bark were captivating. Yea, we human forget we are one among the nature and started exploiting every living beings around us. Humans also have the wrinkles that taught us what life is. Those are the identifications of the troubles we underwent and the happy moments we cherished. The wrinkles on human and the cracks of the trees are the result of their experiences, learning, knowledge and enlightenment beyond ages. Marvelous, the creator is…!

                    I could see few bugs running fast searching for food. Just like we humans run behind money without even knowing why do we need it. When they found the food they ate a few, shared more with it’s friends and finally saved some for future.

                   We human eat a few, share nothing, spend on unnecessary luxuries and finally save insecurity for future. There are a lot for us to learn from the other living creatures. Yet, we say, we are the superior living being..!! I wish I could hear what other living cells of this universe speak, to know their opinion on Mankind..!
                     As I was admiring the scenery around me, Somewhere, slowly, very slowly, I heard the voice of mankind. I then realized I have human around me. I was in my own imaginary land so far. I could hear the voice very near to me. And this time it was more clear and loud..!!
“Dude! What are you doing here? We are moving to canteen to grab some fries and sandwich, Come on, join us.!” Said my friend.
“Oh yea baby.! I’m coming.”
                      We walked to the canteen. I can understand our lifestyle has really changed a lot. From Millet to Milkshake, Day shifts to Night shifts, and lot more. We lost the essence of our culture and heritage. We are running behind money which could never buy us happiness. When will we reach the day where people understand that money is just a mean of transaction and not the life goal. I really doubt it would happen. Life change, human change but we can never deny the fact that we are also a part of the nature and the human race is no new element.
                        With all these in mind I couldn’t eat more than a piece of sandwich. At class, we all presented our captures for the day. With no big interest our staff asked us to document it as a portfolio. That was a great day at college. I am already tired for the day. Yet, I have a couple of assignments to be completed tonight. Hope the staff wouldn’t mind me submitting it late.
“Are you lost in thoughts madam?” Said the voice from my behind.!
My heart skipped a beat again..!! This time out of fear.!!

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