(Episode 7) The New Acquaintance

                             The best thing about life is that we do not know what it brings us the very next day. It could be anything.! Anything that changes our life upside down.
It could either be a normal day with no much adventures or a day filled with twists and turns. It could either be a lovely day like the first day of spring or a day of frustration with no hope. You may wake up to a sunshine or enter the world of dreams with no more sunshine.
We, every living creature on this earth is thriving every day, every hour, every minute or even every fraction of second. We have lot of expectations, wishes, plans and so on. We are hanging on the rope called hope, with the confidence of meeting every sunshine, the first dew drop, the unexpected drizzle, the blossom on the spring and walk on the road filled with fallen leaves. Yes, mere fallen leaves.
I  still couldn’t explain the morning well. But all that I could say is, a happy day. Not knowing how far would that lead me, I started following the lane ahead.
” Good morning, Wake up wake up.! Ma said you will prepare breakfast for me, aren’t you?”
” Oh wait..!! Why are here in my bedroom early in the morning.?”
“Just passed by and saw you sleeping, So thought of helping you to wake up to the sweetest voice.!”
“Sweet voice.? So you had sweets so early in the morning?”
“Good try..! But not now uh.! Wake up buddy..!! Get my breakfast prepared”
“Why should I?”
“Because, you are the one who cooks and ma invited me for breakfast..!! Does that settle?”
“Uffff..!! Please go out..! I need to change. I’ll call you when the food is prepared.! Did you get that?”
“Oh well, Yea..! I’ll wait for your call.! Again, Good morning” He winked at me with a wicked grin and left the room.
Wait wait wait..!! What happened now? Why is he in my room? Am I dreaming? No.!! I saw him leave the room and his sweat droplets are still on the floor. I could feel the fragrance of him deep in my lungs. I knew he’s my neighbor and it was necessary for us to know each other. Yet, wasn’t it too early to start? We didn’t chat for couple of minutes and he was there in my room.
“Stop.! Sweet answer me a question, Didn’t you like waking up to his voice?” my inner self questioned me.
“Oh yea.! I did. I wanted him to be with me, talk to me, ask few questions about myself, smile at me like he always does and most importantly to stay beside me.”
I jumped out of excitement. I brushed and cleaned myself before entering the kitchen. Yes, that is our custom. I was not allowed to enter kitchen without cleaning. The kitchen is considered to be auspicious than the pooja room. Oh well yea, I’m confused about the menu. What should I prepare now? I’m not sure about his choices over food. That’s okay..! I am making Dhosa with Sambar. If he wish to have homemade food let him eat, or it’s up to him to decide.
I cooked swiftly yet tasty food. I took extra time time to groom myself for the day. My ma called him home to eat, he consented. We had a good time while eating. Yes, he spoke a lot about himself and asked a very few about me. I got to know that he was from my native and we were at a distance of just 8 kms away in our hometown.
He offered me a drop to the college(by walk) so did I accept. We walked all long way to my college and he stood in the nearby bus stop to aboard his office cab, as his office is somewhere 5 kms away from my college.
The day was awesome with a new acquaintance. I did not knew how far would that continue neither did I needed to know. I was happy the way it was. Let all my mornings be fresh and lovely like that day. By then, I never knew my evening would be still more thrilling.

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