(Episode 6)The Special Day

                     The second day of my college. I am so excited about the day, as I had planned for a surprise birthday party to my friend in my home. I walked fast to college so that I will not miss the first hour. IT was an elective paper handled by a staff from the boys department. Yea, the so called mechanical department. He was talking about “Thermodynamics” when I asked for an excuse. He gave a weird look that obviously explained me what was he thinking. With no regret I entered the class like a boss.
                    I was planning to make my best friend’s birthday so special. I listed out her likes and dislikes. She is so orthodox, calm, responsible, girly oh why am I describing about her so much. To put it on a nutshell, she is inversely proportional to me. So what to get her? She loves homemade food, cool I can make it on my own. Then few cute wall hangings and dolls that she really like. I have ordered it all. yet, Something is missing. Oh yea..!! I can do it I can do it.
                    I went home in excitement. Cleaned the rooms, prepared her favorite dishes (Unfortunately, she prefers vegetarian) And made a surprise set up to cut the cake. I switched off the lights and made it dead dark. When she entered she was almost tensed seeing the room dark. I ringed her and asked her to switch on the lights. She gained confidence knowing we are around. She switched on the lights and saw a note written on the wall asking her to climb to terrace. She did. When she was about to take a turn, a friend of mine tied her eyes and guided her to the spot.
                     It was pitch dark at the terrace. With only some natural lights from the star. The day was so cloudy, thereby we couldn’t see the moon (It was a full moon day). The terrace was filled with blown balloons and the gifts that we purchased for her surrounding the cake specially ordered. We set her eyes free, initially she struggled to see but as seconds passed she was completely spellbound. She broke in to tears (She is so sentimental you see) We cut the cake and enjoyed a lot. Did I mention ? I have called few of my friends as well for the surprise.
                      After the cake cutting ceremony my friends left as it was already 20 past 10. I took her to my room. Suddenly we were stopped by a stranger (He’s no more a stranger to me). He lifted his hand towards me and said “Happy Birthday Sister”
“What? Sister? I mean it’s my friend’s birthday, not mine.!” I made it very clear to him.
“Oh.! I’m really sorry, happy b’day to you sister” He wished my friend.
“Thank you anna.!” replied my friend that made me give a sigh of relief.
“Ok.! We’ll catch up soon. See you” I said
“Sure buddy, no chocolates?” Time to celebrate isn’t it?” He asked casually.
“Why not?” I laughed.
                     My friend gave him some chocolates, wished him good night and came to my home. We really had a great dinner that night. We were talking about our years being together, our birthdays every year, the good and the bad times we had all night long. Still, I was hearing his voice somewhere, very slowly and softly.
By the way, why was I so cared about him calling me sister?
I really do not know. I do not want to know as well..!!

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