Episode 5 ( Utopian Universe)

                                      The place I resided was much closer to my college. So I used to walk to my home from college. With no one to accompany, I walked alone. Actually I love to walk in silence. Did I mention, my college is in a village and it was so obvious to spot gardens all through my way. Lost in the nature, I walked slowly. Then, I was not thinking about anyone. Trust me.
                                      The road was long and quite. I felt like walking on a well-polished, glittering, long granite road. Being the late evening, the sun spread it’s tangy orange flavor over the sky. The trees on both sides of the road composed the most beautiful music and danced accordingly rubbing each other. The tangy orange mixed with the greeny leaves and sprinkled golden lights on the granite road. I felt like being in an Utopian universe. I enjoyed walking like the princess in my own imaginary world.
                                       Suddenly, I felt something abnormal. Yea, a white van passed by slowly. It was a 20 seater, where the third window was raised half way. Below the window was a scratch which was probably due to some artist who loved to scratch paints. The other side of the window, was the stranger. Yes, the spectacles was so perfect to reduce the intense of his sharp look, a blue casual tee that perfectly fitted him, a blue bag matching his top and an earphone. I was feeling the magical moment again.
                                        All these happened in fraction of second and I still managed to notice the every single details of it. Second time on a single day ? Is this some imagination just like the tangy orange rain ? No, not at all. The van was about to hit me, and I could hear the driver shouting at me for standing like a statue in the middle of the road. It was not the dream. It was for real. It was once and for all. I was cherishing the magic moment.
                                       I did not know how I managed to reach home. I walked in the direction that my mind took me. I was no more imagining about the environment. Neither was I thinking about the magical moment. Yet, I was not normal. I couldn’t figure out where my mind wandered, yet I reached home. I did not know how did I reach their on my own. But I reached.
                                       That night, I decided not to think unnecessarily. I meditated for ten minutes. I felt so refreshing mentally, and tired physically. I spoke a few words to my ma and got to bed. I was not thinking about any stranger then. I know that was so stupid to think about a guy so shameless just by seeing him for seconds. I promised myself that I should never repeat it in my life.
Guess what ? I’m so bad at keeping up my promises that I make to myself.

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