Episode 4 (I was thinking)

“Hey buddy.! Wassup ?” asked, sorry, screamed my friend. (Let me make it clear, It’s a girl)
“Hello darling, missed you much baby! How are things for you?”
“How could it be without you, bitch.! I missed you too.!” said she
“We are in pre-final semester buddy.! Let’s rock it!” I winked with a wicked grin.
She nodded.
The day was normal just like any other day. My friends were waiting for me to open the lunch box. If I were to taste someone’s cooking for a first time, I would obviously wait till anyone to comment on it. But these people are really a bunch of bitches I say. They love me so much that they trust me with their taste buds. Thankfully, the food was really amazing. They loved it a lot. And I got just 3 spoons left.
Post lunch, we were left with nothing much to do. We encountered few new teachers for our elective papers. They weren’t so cool. We had a good rapport with our department teachers. Comparatively, the new teachers were much focused on topics than knowing the students. Suddenly, I started thinking about the stranger. Yes, I was then thinking about him.
I did not know who he was. I had no clue on what was he doing. I did not know where was he from. Never did I had an assurance of meeting him again. I absolutely had no idea on his existence. Yet, I was thinking about him. It was not about his name, age, family or nativity. Neither his character nor his background. But, I was thinking about him.
Yeah, i was thinking about the sharp eyes that blinded me for a minute. I was thinking about the perfect physique that crushed me into pieces. I was thinking about the soft but stern voice that made me spellbound. I was thinking about the fragrance of his sweat that collapsed me and I was thinking about a stranger, so shameless. Yes, I did.
Not just in thoughts, also shared with my friends about the unexpected encounter. Nobody was interested in that first sight magical moment except me. I was longing to see him again. Not for a long chat or a long walk, not for a day and night conversation, not to be with him every single moment.
But, to be mesmerized once and forever, I wanted to see him.
“Sleeping on the first day of class.! Very good.!” my teacher grinned.
“A bit tired of the travel ma’am” I smiled so sheepish.
Again, I was haunted by his thoughts..!!

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