Episode 3 (The stranger)

It was around 5.45 in the morning when I snoozed my alarm finally for 10 mins. That was my routine to snooze the alarm for at least 5 to 6 times in the morning. But, I had no options then as I had to wake up early to prepare breakfast, lunch, Clean the kitchen and then leave to college. Did I miss something…?

Oh yes, I had to get ready as well.

Oh my god, I’m still at bed and it’s already 6 in the morning.

“Ma, I’m preparing mixed rice for lunch. Should that be fine?”
“yeah anything of your choice baby” replied my guardian.

Yes, I’m staying with my mom’s elder sister. She is aged and so can’t do much work. But I’m comfortable with her as she is more of a second mother to me.

She helps me in washing, cleaning, dusting and everything except cooking. And fortunately I am a good cook. I can make yummy food. And that made me cook my own food for the next few months. I’m now done cooking for the day.

“Ma, pack the food. I’ll go get ready”
“OK !”
“Pack for at least 3 people ma, my friends are waiting to taste the food I cooked” I pleaded.
“Sure baby. I will take care of it. You go get ready soon” said she.

I had a nice bath. Dressed up myself and went to the terrace to dry my hair. I do not usually use hair dryer as I have frizzy hair. I climbed the stairs swiftly and found myself frozen for a minute.

Did I not say about the light? Yes. It was the light again. I stood astonished looking at the V-shaped broad back. The 2 hands held the head showing the trim biceps. Well toned forearms through which the veins and nerves struggled to break through. The light passed through the gaps between his arms and reflected. The sweat dripped from his shoulder to his hip. I could see that glittering. And all these happened in seconds leaving me spellbound. And yes. I stood astonished.

My inner voice spoke, sorry, shouted at me

“Make a move.”

” Am I dreaming?”

“No not at all, just relax and act wise. Make a move sweetheart, he’s about to turn towards you”

“yes yes I will, I, I wi”

He turned around and walked towards me. My heart skipped a beat. I am not ready for a conversation yet. I am not even ready to meet his eyes. He is very close to me and almost at an arm length distance. I stood still.

“Excuse me could you please make a way for me to go” he asked soft and warm.
“ye yes yes, you can. I mean I’m sorry please go” I fumbled.
He left without saying anything.


What have I done now? What would he even think about me? But stop, why should I even bother about his opinion about me. Firstly, why would he even think about me. He has nothing to do with my me.

But, I felt so different then. The spark on his eyes were so bright and blinded me for a while. The well-toned, trim physique, the black hair, the bright wide smile that spreads on his face when encountering a stranger, the slim and fit abdomen, the veins, the tight wrist and the segmented thighs. Oh my God, they did not fail to mesmerize me.

Then, I was thinking about a stranger so shameless. I was admiring him secretly and what not? But what about the beam of rays that smiled at me when I first saw him. Did the light tried to convey something. If so what was that? Does he have anything at all to do with my life? I did not even know him. He’s a stranger. No, no, he’s just a trespasser.

“Sweetheart, how long will you take to dry your hair” my Ma shouted bringing me back to reality.

“Coming ma”

With no much thoughts I left to college. Yeah, first day of the new dayscholar life. But I couldn’t resist myself thinking about him.

Who was he?!


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